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I've been teaching beginner to advanced (and professional) pianists, singers and players of most other common instruments of all ages (6+) since January 2000, and do so in schools and further education as well as privately.  I am DBS (CRB) certified, have a degree in music education and qualified teacher status (QTS), and have had additional related training.  Although I live in east London, I live close to fast transport links and so accept students from the entire Greater London area, and occasionally, distance learners from anywhere, via Skype for example.  Whilst generally I teach at home, for some students, such as school-age children, I will travel locally.


I teach practical musicianship within all genres of music, though I specialise in popular forms, particularly jazz – its performance, theory and history.  I also specialise in structured, musical practising routines that develop practical skills, including improvising and composing, and in a unique approach for singers that builds stand-alone confidence.  While this can include vocal improvising ('scat' singing) and 'vocalese', the 'method' is based on classic routines for developing vocal (and general) musicianship.  I perform as a jazz pianist and studied myself with one of jazz’s most renowned figures, the US tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh, himself a student, and soon performing colleague, of the famously innovative (and blind) jazz pianist and teacher Lennie Tristano, a peer of Charlie Parker’s.


Making music is the activity about which I have been most passionate throughout my life, and since January 2000, I've made a similar passionate commitment to teaching, including a broad variety professional training and experience.  For more in-depth details about my teaching approach, 'philosophies', training and background, and to view many unedited references from a variety of my students, use the links below or on the Detailed Info page to visit other areas of this site that give that information.


To get in touch now, call me at 07985 763 072 or 0208 530 0710.  I recommend phoning instead of writing with the contact form, since in conversation, we can most easily and comprehensively discuss your musical interests, learning goals and requirements, and what I can offer to accommodate them.  In addition, I can fully explain how we would work together and also answer any questions you have or that come up in the conversation.  It has been my experience that a phone conversation is likely to be much more helpful to you (and in the long run, more time-efficient) than just writing with a request for information.


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I offer...

•  Private one-to-one tuition in music, mostly at my home (tap/click here to jump to the address)

- For adults, adolescents and children (circa 8+)

- At all levels of skill (i.e. beginner to advanced and 'pro')

- For piano, voice and most common instruments (e.g. sax, trumpet, guitar, bass, etc.)

- Within popular music genres, e.g. jazz (in particular), soul/R&B, rock and pop

- Including relevant music theory, history and appreciation


I specialize as a teacher in...

•  Jazz, improvising and composing

•  Structured, efficient and effective 'real music' practising routines

•  A unique approach for singers* that builds stand-alone confidence

 * Whilst this can include vocal improvising and 'vocalese', the 'method'' is based on classic routines for developing vocal (and general) musicianship.

•  Audition, performance/rehearsal and exam preparation

•  Advanced harmony, melody, (poly-)rhythm and (poly-)metre skills

•  Musicianship as practised and taught by Warne Marsh and Lennie Tristano


I perform...

as a jazz pianist and studied myself with one of jazz’s most renowned figures, the US tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh


My fee...

ranges typically between £30 and £45 per hour, as it is based on a 'sliding scale'.  Although I prefer to receive at least £35 per hour, it is based partly on what you say you can afford, and thus is negotiable.  I ask those who can afford to do so to consider offering to pay at least £5 more per hour so that I can afford to offer concessionary rates.


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I hope my information has intrigued and encouraged your interest in what I offer and in getting in touch.  Certainly, I would look forward to hearing from you and helping with your progress in music.


Claude Alexander

020 8530-0710 / 07985 763-072

63A Browning Road, Leytonstone, London E11 3AR  (Tap/Click here to see a map)

This address is an easy 5-minute walk from the Leytonstone (Central Line) tube station, or if you prefer to drive, parking is almost always free on my street.  This is just off the Green Man roundabout, which is at the end of the Leytonstone exit off the A12 (which extends the A102 north from the Blackwall Tunnel).  Alternatively, visit Transport for London's Journey Planner webpage for other options from your location.



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