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Saxophone sheet music and keyboards


Claude Alexander teaches from ages 16 and above.

musician , guitarist plays classical / acoustic guitar

"I’ve had lessons with Claude for about two years and found him to be an exceptional teacher. He communicates clearly and has a thoughtful pedagogical method, tailored to individual needs. He is quick in understanding the potentials and weaknesses of each student and adjusts the exercises to individual needs. He is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher and lessons are always fun and informative. I recommend him very highly!"

28th August 2022

Musician playing alto saxophone on a gig

"Claude is very attentive and passionate. He has really tailored his lessons to me and what I am interested in learning. He is especially great for any students interested in learning jazz. His knowledge is expansive. Our lessons are fun!"

25th February 2022

Playing Piano

"Claude has been an inspiration and I am very pleased with my progress as his student. He is very patient and is able to share his vast musical knowledge in a didactic and thoughtful way. He has been a fantastic tutor. I highly recommend Claude."

9th June 2020


"Claude is a fantastic teacher and his methodology helps you understand music theory quickly and improve your piano playing skills. I highly recommend his classes."

November 2020

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63a Browning Rd, Leytonstone, London, E11 3AR

 Primary Contact Number: 07985 763072

Alternative Number: 020 8530 0710

A young woman playing a flute (stock image)
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