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Whilst the references related to group and classroom teaching (on the right) might seem irrelevant if you are seeking one–to–one lessons, they are included here to offer further evidence of my approach and manner, and because I also teach in those contexts.

















Related to One-to-one Teaching (in chronological order)

    Format: student type (specialism), profession [date of reference]

    Bassist - fret-less/ed (jazz), ad agency Director/Creative Technologist ['17May]

    Saxophonist - alto (jazz), Sound Engineer ['16May]

    Guitarist (jazz), pro Musician ['15Nov]

Related to Group and Classroom Teaching

    as Head and Teacher of an "Enrichment Music" programme at...

    Tower Hamlets College ['04Jun]

    as Teacher of Basic Skills Numeracy at...

    Hackney Community College ['03Jun]

    Pianist (jazz), semi-pro Musician ['15Jun]

    Singer (various genres), Dr of Psychology ['12May]

    Trumpeter (various genres), Headteacher ['11Dec]

    Pianist/Singer/Composer (R&B/Soul), qualified Music Teacher ['10Feb]

    Singer (jazz, classically trained), Teacher and semi-pro Musician ['09Apr]

    Pianist (jazz, classically trained, Grade 8+), Accountant ['12Jan]

    Pianist/Composer/Music Teacher (electronic/classical Grade 8+), pro ['11Jun]

    Singer (rock), semi-pro Musician ['10Jun]

    Singer (jazz), semi-pro Musician ['04Aug]

    Pianist (classically trained, Grade 8+), pro Music Teacher, for my UCAS application ['04Jun]

    Same pianist as '04Jun reference above, this one a briefer, less formal version ['02Jul]

    Singer (jazz, beginner), IT Consultant ['02Jul]


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