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Whilst the references related to group and classroom teaching (on the right) might seem irrelevant if you are seeking one-to-one lessons, they are included here to offer further evidence of my approach and manner, and because I also teach in those contexts.

















Related to One-to-one Teaching (in chronological order)

    Format: student type (specialism), profession [year/month of reference]

    Saxophonist, alto (jazz, experienced beginner), Forensic Examiner ['18Jun]

    Bassist, fret-less (jazz/rock, intermediate), Creative Technologist/co. Director ['17May]

    Saxophonist, alto (jazz, intermediate), Sound Engineer ['16May]

Related to Group and Classroom Teaching

    as Leader and Teacher of an "Enrichment Music" programme at...

    Tower Hamlets College ['04Jun]

    as Teacher of Basic Skills Numeracy at...

    Hackney Community College ['03Jun]

    Guitarist (jazz), pro Musician ['15Nov]

    Pianist (jazz), semi-pro Musician ['15Jun]

    Singer (various genres, experienced beginner), Dr of Psychology ['12May]

    Trumpeter (various genres, experienced beginner), Head Teacher ['11Dec]

    Pianist/Singer/Composer (R&B/Soul), qualified Music Teacher ['10Feb]

    Singer (jazz, classically trained), Teacher and semi-pro Musician ['09Apr]

    Pianist (jazz, classically trained, Grade 8+), Accountant ['12Jan]

    Pianist/Composer/Music Teacher (electronic/classical Grade 8+), pro ['11Jun]

    Singer (rock), semi-pro Musician ['10Jun]

    Singer (jazz), semi-pro Musician ['04Aug]

    Pianist (classically trained, Grade 8+), pro Music Teacher, for my UCAS application ['04Jun]

    Same pianist as '04Jun reference above, this one a briefer, less formal version ['02Jul]

    Singer (jazz, novice beginner), Senior IT Consultant ['02Jul]


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